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How to get to downtown and to Bariloche Atomic Center

(Prices are in Argentinean pesos)

  • By taxi or remis (cost at 01/06/14):

               - Cost from the airport to downtown: $ARS150.

               - Average cost per km: taxi: $ARS13.5, remis: $ARS15.


               - Remises's phone numbers:

                     Autojet Remises (0294) 4422408

                     Mitre Remises (0294) 4430111 - 4431595

                     Remises del centro (0294) 4456999 - 4457400

                     Remises Melipal (0294) 4442300 - 4443333


               - Taxis's phone numbers:

                     Radio Taxi Aguas Azules (0294) 4433338 - 4433331

                     Radio Taxi Limay (0294) 4468300

                     Radio Taxi Mitre (0294) 4456600 - 4456789

                     Radio Taxi Bariloche (0294) 4433331 - 4422103 - 4433338


  • By shuttle: Autojet provides a shuttle service to downtown after every flight arrival. The cost from the airport to downtown is about $ ARS 65 (cost at 26/06/14).


  • By bus:

- From the airport to downtown: The schedule of the bus line that departs from the airport (number 72 of '3 de Mayo' bus company) can be found here. The bus ticket can be paid at the bus and it costs $ ARS 7 (cost at 26/06/14). The bus ticket can only be paid at the bus at the airport. From other locations, the bus ticket must be paid by a bus card. These cards can be obtained at several shops (see bus card sellers).



- From downtown to Bariloche Atomic Center: The users of the Urban Transport Service must pay the bus ticket by a bus card that can be obtained in the shops listed here. The bus ticket can not be paid with cash at the bus.

The bus lines 10, 20, 21, 22 and 51 of '3 de Mayo' bus company can be taken towards the Llao-Llao Hotel at downtown to get to Bariloche Atomic Center. The frequency of the buses is 20 minutes during the day. The passenger must descend at Av. Bustillo, km. 9.500.

The bus ticket cost from the bus stop located at Moreno street and Beschedt street in downtown to the Bariloche Atomic Center is $ ARS 4,35.

The buses routes can be found in the web site of the bus company. The buses schedules can be found here.


- From Bus Terminal to downtown: The Bus Terminal is located at 2400 '12 de Octubre' St, 3.5km from downtown (see map). From there, bus lines 10, 20, 21 and 22 depart to downtown and to Bariloche Atomic Center (see buses's routes). The bus ticket cost to downtown is $ ARS 4,35 and to Bariloche Atomic Center is $ ARS 6,35. The bus departure frequency is 20 minutes.



  • By car:  From downtown, drive west on Exequiel Bustillo Ave., along Nahuel Huapi lake coast. Turn to the left at the Bariloche Atomic Center at km. 9.500 of Exequiel Bustillo Ave..


This map shows the locations of Bariloche Atomic Center, the Airport, the Bus Terminal and Bariloche downtown.